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I speak languages such as English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and a bit of Italian and French.
I also understand some php, JavaScript, jQuery, mySQL, html and css

winterbash 2021: 3rd rank overall
winterbash 2020: 5th rank overall, launched a short story based on the hats I've earned

A little Winterbash Story

Part 1:
Part 2:


<3M:9 social face-mask. Feel free to wear it too, order# WB2020

enter image description here

<3M:9 baseball cap, feel free to wear it, order# WB2019

enter image description here

Other News:

@ winterbash 2019: I took my rubber ducky hat off and put my secret <3M baseball cap on

@ winterbash 2018: I fell in love with my rubber ducky hat so I decided to keep wearing it, I even put a Waffle on top!

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