Willian Tamagi

With 10+ years of experience in software development, covering several areas from desktop applications to systems / frontend pages. I call myself a curious person who really believes that we always have something to teach and we always have something to learn, a little perfectionist and with a critical sense, I was able to have a positive impact on every role I went through in my career. Although I have a solid background of technical experience, if I had to say a superpower that I have, it would be my empathy, the ability to put myself in the shoes of people, my customers, the user, my teammates and others. It took me several years to realize how important it is to have this skill, if not more than technical skills.

Focused in recent years on the development and architecture of the front end, I like to put my hands and work together with the team, I strongly believe that constructive feedback keeps us evolving, so yes, please give it to me. I'm not the master of knowledge, but the things I don't know I do my best to make it work in the best possible way (at least I try).

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