João Paulo Vieira da Silva

✤ Introduction ✤

My first line of code was written within the age of eight years old. Computer programming in general was and still very prominent for me, but it was the web development field specifically that I felt in love with. The reason why I kept going forward on improving my professional skills (even from a very young age), was the "rush" feeling of being part of something greater, it felt almost like I was writing down the future.

By the age of thirteen, I got my first job as a Frontend Developer in Brazil.

By the age of seventeen, thanks to Rotary International, I got the opportunity to study an year in Colombia with all expenses covered. I took a break during my stay in Colombia, because I never had a moment in my life, which I could actually spend quality time with myself, understanding my weaknesses and working out on my qualities.

At the age of nineteen, I moved to Dubai to work as a full-time Backend Developer.

✤ About me ✤

I am very open minded when it comes to new cultures, flexible when it comes to work in a team, careful and passionate when it comes to the quality of my work. I am not afraid of taking risks, but I believe there are always smoother paths (a.k.a. solutions) that might offer less risk for most problems out there. I have working experience on consulting and marketing agencies, schools (as a teacher), newspaper (fourth biggest in Brazil).

"There are no bad or good guy when it comes to computer programming, but there are different scenarios where one might outstand another..." - Me

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