Nino Pereira

I'm an enthusiastic engineer with more than 10 years of industrial experience working in highly innovative companies developing complex and robust systems in the field of electronics, software and robotics. I like challenging projects and working with a motivated team. I engage with my colleagues and team members in order to make sure we keep on track with the project, its deadlines and budget.

My core competences lie in product development, simulations, algorithms and integration of complex systems.

My recent role includes: - Developing new algorithms - Profiling and optimizing C++ libraries; - Testing and cauterization of the high-level behaviors in the platform - Integration of navigation algorithms, obstacle avoidance, path planning, sensor placement, etc. - Supporting other teams with tools and technologies; - Mentoring junior team members;

Interests: Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Path Planning and Motion Control Product Development, Robotics Sensing systems, Computer Vision Electronics Engineering.

Experience: Product developer, algorithms and software developer

Projects: Next generation of robotic vaccum cleaners Dyson 360 Eye Golf Ball Picker Robot Omnidireccional Wheelchair Bot'n Roll ONE Educational Robot

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