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I'm a business-minded software developer, passionate writer, choir section leader, and Theology student.

You can find me on GitHub, LinkedIn, or write an email (vini@hey.com).

Business-minded software developer

I've always had an interest in technology. My first contact with computer programming was when I was 14, to help my mom in her small business finances. I wrote a simple macro with Visual Basic, using Microsoft Excel. For me, programming is a mere tool to solve our problems and facilitate our lives.

That's why I refer to me as a business-minded software developer. There's no point in programming if there are no problems to solve. My toolchain these days are Ruby, Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, and JavaScript, although I have also worked with C#, Java, Python, Go, and some other tech. I believe that languages are there to solve specific problems. You might have your favorite, but most likely it's not applicable to every problem there is.

Passionate writer

I love writing. Not just tech articles but emails, bug reports, pull requests, documentation.

In 2018 I started writing tech articles to share my thoughts on programming, product, and tech. I've written for Hacker Noon, The Startup, and also my personal blog.

Choir section leader & theology student

Music has always been part of my life. I volunteer as a section leader in my church's choir. Here's a picture of them singing in an annual event called "MAP: O Segredo".

I'm majoring in Theology. I dream of merging my programming skills and my faith. I have started some projects on this, but still in development.

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