I love coffee, games and anime.

My wife and I enjoy travelling, drinking different types of beer and hanging out with friends in pubs or at home. We love animals and to walk near the beach on the weekend.

I’m a software developer with over 6 years of experience, working with different technologies, environments and languages, but mostly with the .NET stack. I have been using Angular as a frontend framework, and AWS/Azure to host decoupled and scalable microservices using Service Bus and Serverless. I also managed to implement a DevOps pipeline on top of Azure in one of the companies I worked at, using on-premises servers to build and deploy.

I’m currently learning and working on personal projects using Vue.js, Node.js + MongoDB and Machine Learning. I am passionate about artificial intelligence and how it can impact people lives around the world. I managed to finish the Machine Learning course by Stanford University (on Coursera), and I’ve been working with Jupyter + Python building some models using data from Kaggle. I also want to learn React and Deep Learning.

I have been an active Stack Overflow member for the last years, in which I spend some of my free time answering, editing, flagging and reading interesting QAs. I think it's a good way to learn and exchange knowledge. I also like coding when I'm learning from platforms such as Pluralsight and playing around with AWS or Azure. I think there is always something to learn.

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