I am a Full Stack Web Developer with 5 years of experience. With focus on Javascript and Typescript, I have a large experience with React and Redux, using Webpack to build and deliver web apps and Node.js with Express on the backend API's.

I've recently worked on a micro-frontends platform, using the best Web Components practices, Server Side Rendering and integrating multiple products from various teams in one page.

Currently I'm also learning and working with React Native, and expanding my knowledge on the technology to develop Cross Platform mobile Apps.

I also have solid knowledge in agile practices, continuous integration and continuous delivery. Multiple times I've helped my team to achieve a more efficient agile flow, contributing to story sizing, estimations, and reinforcing agile best practices on the technical side. With knowledge on tools such as Jenkins, Travis-CI, Docker, Kubernetes and such, to enable those practices.

I have a great drive for software quality and clean code and always keep accessibility in mind. Lots of practice with TDD and other XP practices. Experience with testing on multiple levels. I have a large experience on a lot of Javascript quality tools such as Jest, Enzyme, Cypress, ESLint, Pa11y and some knowledge about testing in other languages also.

I am a clear thinker and problem solver with good communication and interpersonal skills. I have experience helping inception and product discovery processes and have facilitated story mapping and roadmap building activities. I have strong leadership skills and have taken the tech lead role on the past couple of projects.

I also have experience with iOS app development, building RESTful Web Api's using the .Net Framework (C#) and Spring (Java), and worked on web apps with AngularJS in the past.

I've Studied Electrical and Computer Engineering in UFMG (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - Brazil) and Software Engineering as an exchange student at UWO (Western University - Canada). During my time in UFMG I had the opportunity to participate in a few Audio related studies inside the CEFALA lab. Still through my academic journey, I worked in the CSTAR Lab where I helped build the software for Surgical Robotics using the Qt Framework and C++. All of those as undergraduate research intern.

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