Pedro Luz

My name is Pedro Luz, I’m a 28 year old Software Developer born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and currently living in Dublin 14, Ireland.

I’ve been working with software development for 13 years, started on my dad’s (micro) software company, worked through several private companies as a full-time employee and ended up as a contractor working multiple projects at once, working from home and meeting with customers every two weeks for the Scrum Review and Planning meetings.

I’m very passionate about learning new technologies and putting them to real use, trying new frameworks and tools that could become a good asset for the project I’m currently working on. I’ve also been a team lead, technical mentor and scrum master in a team of other 5 junior developers (front-end and back-end)

My ideal place of work would be in a Scrum environment, in a team of 3 to 5 other developers, possibly allowing flexible hours.

My personal hobbies are online gaming, watching anime and TV series and studying/teaching new software technologies through practical approach.

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