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When I go back in time, I remember myself dreaming about becoming a novel writer, always creating characters and stories on my mind, making up scenarios where I had total control about everything. After all, that was my world. But one day, out of the blue, I found out that it didn't matter how well I wrote, each person that read my stories could interpret it in their own way. That is: I have no control about my words!

And I didn’t like that!

In a attempt to find a new passion, I realized that there was something else, which I actually liked as well, that had no room for interpretation: numbers! I was wrong, of course. Numbers can be interpreted. But, at that point, I didn’t know that. So I developed a huge interest for mathematics and I found out that I love to solve problems. Yep, you can call me a problem solver! And the cool thing is that maths problems always have a right answer. And that was what I was looking for.

But, if I could put together writing and numbers, is it possible? For me, that is the definition of developing software. You have to know the problem, how to describe it and, only then, you can try to solve it. That is the perfect job and, today, I am proud to say that I am a Software Developer!

Currently I am working as a ABAP developer and I am studying a lot about Data Science, Python (love it!), big data, analysis and visualization of data, statistics, probability. I’ve started learning about front-end web development, HTML, CSS, a little bit about JavaScript. And I’m still enthusiastically grabbing onto other programming languages and technologies, anything that can make me a better professional.

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