Paulo Luan

I always do what is necessary to do, even in critical situations, also I love to automatizate my job in order to focuse on important tasks

I have 6+ years of experience as a Backend Developer (mainly Javascript with NodeJS) passing through big projects like the backend of an Internet Banking (one of the biggest banks from latin america), a highly scalable E-commerce for the airplane industry, an E-commerce for a giant cellphone company and a Geoprocessing system for the most important observatory of space research in Brazil.

I'm always learning new things, watching PluralSight courses and reading books about Programming, Entrepreneurship and Startups

I love what I do, programming and technology is like a hobby for me. I'm Pragmatic, restless, very curious and open-source lover. My philosofy of life is that there is no reasonable excuse for doing anything less than your best

I use software development to make the world a better place by improving processes, democratizing knowledge and expanding opportunities. I'm responsible of several IT events such as JUGVale, Rupy, StartupVale, AgileVale, JUGVale, PythonVale and TINoVale.

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  • São José dos Campos - State of São Paulo, Brazil
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