Nicolas Chabanovsky

Hello everyone! I am glad to share that I am on sabbatical leave from November 25th to December 20th. Sabbatical leave means that I will not be able to answer your pings or emails that are sent to my company account at stackoverflow.com. Please feel free to ping my colleagues if you need anything! (Or send me an email to my personal gmail. The third option is to email Jon Ericson.)

See you all in the end of December!

I work for Stack Overflow. My main goal in the company is to assist international sites and help them grow. If you have any questions, please ping me in "The Terminal" chat room or contact me directly:

VK: vk.com/nicolas.chabanovsky
FB: facebook.com/nicolas.chabanovsky
Skype: nicolas.chabanovsky
Email: nicolas.chabanovsky@(stackoverflow|gmail).com
Personal email: nicolas@chabanovsky.com

If you wan to talk to me: +7 951 678 10 31.

Искренне верю в будущее сообщества разработчиков программного обеспечения на русском языке. В свободное от модерирования сообщества время работаю в Stack Overflow.

Если вы хотите сказать мне что-то, ссылки для связи выше!

Мое резюме.