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My path as a Tech Professional was formed during 11 fantastic years developing web applications in a multitude of environments (Java, PHP, Ruby, R and Python). In this journey, I’ve had a lot of great opportunities to grow and learn to transform hypothesis into new skills and accomplishments, but one of the most awesome challenge for me was to work full-stack (from building a data visualization app in Vue.js, down to a hadoop datalake, developing ingestion scripts and creating machine learning algorithms, working also in a Flask REST-API in the middle of the stack) to bring transparency and allow every citizen and institution to be able to understand better and tackle human trafficking.

I’ve learned during these years that the secrets of becoming a great developer are being tech agnostic, have a lean mindset and have smart objectives, which brings me to the amazing 5 years working in the administrative area in a bank before my tech journey. There, I learned the importance of measuring and learning, inspection and adaptation.

If you feel that I can provide you with value, I encourage you to follow and add me to your circles (rmfagundes@gmail.com). It will be a pleasure to share my professional experiences and lessons learned.

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