Over twelve years of experience in System Analysis and Development, dedicated and committed professional, always hard-working my scheduled and unforeseen engagements. Good at analysis and development with high quality, expertise in charge of database and system migration, excellence driven, focused on results, extremely interested in learning and dealing with challenges and working so well in a team. Complexes problems resolution, support to customers, able and efficient to achieve goals of critical projects reaching the deadline. Flexible to work time and place. As a freelancer, I have analyzed and I have been developing a Cash Flow System with Print of Electronic Service Tax Invoices in SAT System and a Farmer Management and Monitoring System, with J2SDK, J2EE, Spring Boot, Angular 7 and MongoDB. Also as a freelancer, I had analyzed and developed a Microlins E-commerce to Courses and Exams Online, with Zend Framework 2, Bootstrap, CSS and JQuery. Also analyzed and developed a CMS in Symfony 1 to InoxPar Company. Besides I have expertise in several business fields such as Education, Human Resource, News and Communication, Financial, ERP, CMS, E-commerce, Logistic, Institutional, and Personal Web Site, Aviation and Air Cargo.

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