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Adler Medrado 和尊
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With 20+ years of experience, I've been working with computers since my teenage years, when I built my BBS (Bulletin Board System) using an old PC/AT 386 with MS-DOS and Remote Access.

Technical Expertise: A self-taught professional, I possess a deep understanding of various computer systems and technologies.

Continuous Learner: I have a passion for self-directed learning, constantly staying updated with the latest industry trends, technologies, and methodologies by reading books, papers, and engaging in hands-on exploration.

Problem Solver: I thrive in challenging environments, with a proven track record of solving complex problems. My ability to troubleshoot and find innovative solutions makes me an asset in any dynamic setting.

Startup Enthusiast: I excel in the fast-paced and dynamic atmosphere of startups, bringing a wealth of experience and a proactive approach to addressing challenges.

Collaborative Spirit: I enjoy working with smart and motivated individuals, fostering a collaborative environment that encourages knowledge-sharing and creative problem-solving.

Adaptable Learner: If I encounter something unfamiliar, I have the ability and enthusiasm to quickly learn and adapt.

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