João Saraiva

I am a Software Engineering professional, with most of my experience being in the development of web and mobile applications.

I am a Licenciate and Doctorate in Computer Engineering and Information Systems. In the context of these degrees, I have gained insight on a set of topics that range from software engineering to the design and implementation of complex information systems. During my time as a PhD student, I was also a Teaching Assistant for some disciplines at Instituto Superior Técnico.

Furthermore, I am also a quick learner, and always curious about new ways to have technology improving people's everyday lives. Thus, I try not only to gain further insight on areas I am specialized in, but also to expand my areas of knowledge as much as I can, namely by reading about various subjects -- IT-related (such as Big Data or Cloud Computing, among others) or otherwise -- and learning how to develop software with new frameworks.

Finally, I am the founder and owner of DefineScope, a software development company. In this context, I am always interested in challenging projects that can teach me new things and make me a better professional. I am also interested in creating new and interesting products, and to research even better ways to create such products.


  • Web Application Development
  • Model-Driven Engineering

Languages: C#, Python, Ruby, Java, HTML, Javascript, CSS

Frameworks: Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, web2py, Ruby on Rails

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