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Also known by the UltCombo pseudonym, I am an ECMAScript enthusiast, full stack Web developer and open source lover.

Note that I will not perform free debugging services when contacted outside of Stack Exchange. If you want to solve a coding problem, please prepare a SSCCE (or MCVE), make it relevant to others and post it on Stack Overflow. See How to Ask if you are not familiar with the Stack Overflow architecture.

Stack Exchange Etiquette

Did one of my answers help you? Upvote it! Also, if you are the asker, make sure to accept the answer which you consider the most useful.

Did I close one of your questions? In that case, make sure that you understand the reason why your question was closed and fix it up, then feel free to @ me in case you strongly believe that your question deserves reopening and I'll add a reopen vote after reviewing it.

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