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Victor Stafusa

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About me:

  • I am a Professional Senior Java Developer, currently employed.

  • I really hate spam.

  • I am a very unpopular person and a lot of people hate me.

  • I have a strong tendency to get random downvotes from nowhere for no reason.

  • I have more enemies than friends.

  • I am a brazilian and I am living in Brazil.

  • I am a computer scientist.

  • I am able to communicate in Portuguese, English, Java, C, C++, javascript and occasionally on a few other non-human computer languages.

  • My personal life is severely screwed, but there is still a lot of room to get worse.

  • I am single. Every time that I try to get a girlfriend, the result is an error 404.

  • I have strong opinions in some politics and that makes me lose a lot of friends.

Want to contact me? Then send me an e-mail to:

"victorwssilva#gmail.com".replace("#", "@");

Je Suis SUPT

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