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I am just another java developer and computer scientist here.

I am a PhD student and I am working with cloud services and distributed computing in São Paulo, Brazil.

It is better to just say nothing about me and my thoughts, I always end up screwing up myself when I do, no matter where or when. In real-life, wikipedia, stack exchange network, yahoo answers, internet forums and mail lists, always for many years. I have a tendency to be a very unpopular person and I always do the wrong thing in the wrong time in the worst way possible. At least, stack exchange is the first place that I had an opportunity to get a badge from this: Peer pressure.

If you are spending some time reading my profile, it is very likely that you came here motivated by something bad I did and want to know exactly who the hell I am before you start to expose all the disregard of my conduct that you have. Be sure that you are not the first, nor the second, nor the third, and probably not the last.

My questions have a strong tendency to get closed or even deleted. My questions and answers are sometimes heavily downvoted. Even my best questions and answers get some unexplicable downvotes and even close votes out of nowhere for no reason.

BTW, I know that Santa Claus does not exists. The Easter Bunny does not either. And Elvis is not alive.

Want to contact me? Then send me e-mail to:

"victorwssilva#gmail.com".replace("#", "@");

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